Double the feel good

Cogeneration is an alternative energy technology that helps you reduce energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint. 

It’s a highly efficient method of combined heat and power production (cogeneration) that makes this environmental and economic “win-win” possible.  


Natural gas generates electricity for your home or business, with the waste heat from the engine and exhaust gas being recovered to generate hot water.

Super efficiency cuts costs

Conventional power generation is about 40% efficient. Cogeneration is more than 90% efficient because both electricity and heat are produced directly where needed.

The excellent efficiency reduces energy use, preserves natural resources and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. 

Advantages of Co-generation

It saves fuel sources and CO2 emissions

It uses renewable sources of energy

It generates electricity at the same place it’s consumed

Turn-key Co-Generation Solutions

We handle the permitting, micro-generator application, installation, and commissioning of the cogeneration systems to provide a turnkey solution. 

Tassa has partnered with Co-Genergy for installation, operating, and maintenance services of the units. Flexible financing options are available including Purchase, Lease, and a Discounted Energy Plan whereby the cogeneration unit is installed at no cost to you and we simply contract the energy produced back to you at a discounted rate.

Contact us to discuss solutions to your residential, farm, or business needs. 

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