Welcome to Alberta's first you-have-the-power company.

Energy is evolving, yet many companies providing these services in Alberta haven’t. So people like you that want to make smarter energy choices had limited options.

Not anymore.

At Tassa, the you-have-the-power company, our mission is to provide people in Alberta with energy technology options just the way you want them. So if you like the idea of being in charge (and really, who doesn’t) you are in the right place.

If you like paying less, you’ll really feel at home. And if you like to have the power to make the world a better place – starting with your own neighbourhood – then we can start picking out curtains.

That’s Feel Good.

Feel good energy technology

It's easy to feel good.

You can take charge and generate your own, store your own, manage your own, charge your own (electric vehicles) and help make the grid more stable, increase resiliency and reduce the need for expensive new transmission lines from having to be built.

Technology can also help save you money through competitive rates and by giving you the tools to become more energy efficient and to use energy more wisely. 

We also have feel good electricity, natural gas and internet plans

If you want to take charge, save money and feel good about your electricity, natural gas and internet, we have plans for that too.

You are also powering good in your neighbourhood.

One of the coolest parts about Tassa is how you are energizing your local community to the tune of 10% of our profits.

That’s right.

Just by choosing Tassa, you are making your community better.